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The Threat

The increasing innovation, sophistication and destructive potential of modern terrorists – armed with conventional, as well as chemical, biological and radiological weapons – means that we must continually monitor the threats, remain vigilant, and ensure that airport security staff are well trained and implement effective procedures to prevent the infiltration of terrorists, explosives, and hazardous materials onto aircraft, into airports or into secure installations.

One of the most notorious failings of security screening occurred on September 11th 2001, with suicide hijackers predicting the structural and procedural weaknesses of the security checkpoints which prevailed at that time to seize aircraft and use them as missiles. The attacks were horrific in terms of the loss of human life and financial damage inflicted, yet they were not the worst-case scenario that many security experts believe could befall us in future.

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The Course

The Terrorism Programme uses text, video and narration to present an up to date reference point for this ever­challenging subject.

The programme features an extensive index of organizations and events. It also introduces personnel the methodology and agendas of terrorist groups.

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Is This Course Right For You?

The course is designed for aviation security personnel including:
– Airline and airport security staff
– Airport police officers
– Military, border guard, immigration and customs officers working at airports
– Air cargo security staff

The course is also suitable for staff who are not security officers but who have security responsibilities, such as:
– Staff dealing with fares, ticketing and airport check–in procedures
– Cabin crew
– Cargo acceptance and handling staff
– Managers in any airline function who wish to broaden their understanding of overall aviation security concepts
– Representatives of companies involved in airline/airport operations
– Airline liaison officers from Embassies and Consulates

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Course Outcomes

When you have completed the Terrorism course you should have a thorough knowledge of terrorists’ capabilities,and be more skilled and motivated to identify anomalies and deviations that could indicate terrorist activity. You will also be more familiar with terminology, vocabulary and phraseology related to the subject.

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The Terrorism Test

The Terrorism Test


The Terrorism test is designed for students who have completed the Terrorism programme. It focuses on the phenomena, methodology and trends in terrorism using a variety of styles such as multiple choice, hot spot, drag and drop and true or false questions. Students are given feedback for each incorrectly answered question.

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Participants who successfully complete the Terrorism course and pass a final assessment test will be awarded a Security Training Operations Programme (S.T.O.P.) Certificate of accomplishment.

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