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The AvSecSchool Team


What is AvsecSchool?

Increasing threats to the aviation security sector and the development of learning technologies have created a demand for specialized online security training.
Courses have attracted personnel from the following security sectors:
– Airlines
– Airports
– Civil aviation authorities
– Seaports and shipping companies
– Railway and bus operators
– Diplomatic and consular missions
– Government agencies
– Houses of Parliament
– Defence facilities
– Police forces
– Customs authorities
– Frontier and border guards
– Major international business corporations

AVSEC SCHOOL combines interactive multimedia with learning theory methods to create a learning experience to improve personnel job performance and confidence. This enables organizations to select, train and test security staff flexibly at all levels.
AVSEC SCHOOL offers a customized service and certification process to develop a learning programme to suit each client’s budget and schedule.

Training Courses
AVSEC School security courses are...

A user­friendly, specialized and cost­effective way to train security personnel.
Designed to challenge and engage the learner, using video, audio, animation, text, photographs and interactive simulations, as appropriate.
Authentic and practical to use, offering instruction in operational skills and procedures that can be applied directly in the workplace.
Available when it suits you, irrespective of time-zones.
Featured with a testing and certification process-essential to motivation and professional development.
To get the most out of Avsecschool, courses may feature as part of a curriculum, customized according to individual client needs. In this way students may consolidate their expertise within a particular sector.

The programmes address the specific skills and training required by
Document Verification
Postal Devices
S.T.O.P. Terrorism

A team of experts is available during office hours at Renful London offices to advise clients of security regulations and thereby which courses may be appropriate for their organization.
Following a designated learning programme, each student may then be assessed by test before receiving a certificate of approval upon successful completion.
AvsecSchool range of programmes is always being updated so check to stay updated.

Courses are available under the following categories
         –    TREFOX (English)
         –    TREFOX (Chinese)
         –    TREFOX (Hebrew)
         –    TREFOX Test
Document Verification
         –    The Passport Course
–    The Passport Test
Postal Devices
         –    Postal Devices Course
         –    Postal Devices Test
         –    IED
S.T.O.P. Terrorism
         –    Terrorism Programme
         –    Terrorism Test

We offer...

Improving security staff performance to a global standard will be a crucial factor for securing future infrastructures. Avsecschool recognizes the need to ensure staff are qualified and have integrated a certification procedure to this learning platform.

Therefore, a Security Training Operations Programme (S.T.O.P.) Certificate of accomplishment may be awarded to every participant who successfully completes an Avsecschool course programme. Trainees are required to pass a final test to confirm understanding of their appropriate security sector to receive certification.

S.T.O.P. Certificates are awarded by Renful Systems, who monitor the courses and oversee all tests.

Customised Programmes
Renful Systems may work in liaison with corporations to customize the programmes featured...

A programme may be developed with consideration to your:
–    staff numbers
–    budget
–    current staff performance
–    performance aims
–    language needs
–    staff disabilities
–    schedule
–    availability of training staff
Addressing your staff training needs with a tailored e-learning solution may suit your organisation for the following reasons:
The service . . .
–    allows for flexibility where and when your staff learn
–    avoids the cost of venue hire and trainer fees
–    can efficiently improve performance for large staff numbers
–    sensitively considers your individual staff needs as well as their limitations, performance aims and availability.