Renful Systems

About Renful

Increasing requirements in the security sector worldwide and the demand for specialised consultancy, procedures and training resulted in the formation of Renful Systems. The company is based in the UK and is dedicated to the development and provision of Security Consultancy, Procedures, Training Seminars, Computer Based Training Systems and Equipment for security applications.

Since it was established in 1994, Renful Systems has provided services to Governments, Civil Aviation Authorities, Airports, Airlines, Security Companies, Business Corporations, Immigration & Police Authorities, Prisons and Parliaments.
Our customers

As a specialist in the gathering, analysis and dissemination of Internet-based intelligence on extremist activities, Infogence services are much in demand by government agencies and commercial organisations around the world. Our reports equip users with actionable intelligence that can be used as a means to understand, identify and evaluate current and future threats from terrorist organisations and individuals and in doing so make informed decisions.

Customers benefiting from our expertise include government agencies and organisations with a vested interest in security analysis, for example:
Government building,
Security companies,
Other high security installations.